Not sure if this is what I intended

5 Aug

I meant for my peeve and a perk to be based on something that happened on the day I posted, or the day before, but that’s harder than it sounds. It’s hard to find time at work to sign on, and now that I’m paying attention, I see things to post all day!! It’s hard to choose what to write. So today’s is going to be something I noticed earlier in the week, and we’ll see what happens tomorrow!

Peeve: Misleading Cooking Advice

Maybe I just found a bad recipe, or bought a bad brand, but frozen veggies are not good. All the recipes that say using frozen veggies cuts the time, and you won’t miss anything, are LYING. I made a stir fry earlier this week that was just plain bad, due to the frozen veggies. But all the recipes I was finding kept advising the reader to buy a bag of frozen veggies for a stir fry, so being a trusting person, who is trying to spend less on food, I bought a bag at Whole Foods. Gross. All the veggies were mushy and tasteless. Blech.

I think these cook books, and cooking shows should be honest about their cost saving, time saving measures. I mean I may choose to use frozen veggies at some point in my life, regardless of taste, because they are cheap and easy. But just let me know that it won’t taste as good. I wouldn’t have used them on this random night!

Did I just buy a bad brand? Or cook them too long?!

Perk: Bringing Back Memories

Also at Whole Foods, I spotted a bouquet of the flowers I carried at my wedding!


I carried burgundy calla lilies. They were one of my favorite parts of the wedding, and one of the things that really stand out to people looking at our pictures. And the other day at Whole Foods, I saw a small bouquest of the flowers in a lighter pink color. Seeing them brought back all these fabulous wedding memories, so of course I bought them. And all week, as I walk past them on the dining room table, I get happy inside!

Just for kicks, here’s a picture of Artie at the house we rented on Martha’s Vineyard after the wedding!

Artie at wedding


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