Cure for Stress

26 Jul

I was dragging a little yesterday – just your regular frustrations with work and career choices. I try to forget that stuff during the weekend, but it’s so hard. I continue to spend half my time trying to come up with my big idea – the plan that allows me to do my own thing, work for myself. But nothing yet.

Anyway, I was feeling stressed, when MJD and I decided to go out for Chopt salads and Hello Cupcake, before our night out seeing Spring Awakening.

Cupcakes and a musical at the Kennedy Center – what else can take your mind off a stressful situation?!

I’ll tell you what.

Turns out, we realize as we walk out the door in all our Kennedy Center finery, our tickets are for another day! WHAT?! I know, crazy! I don’t know how we both got it wrong, but there you go.

Fortunately, as we walk back into the house, we are overtaken by the best idea – to go see the Hangover instead.

I can’t tell you the last time I saw such a funny movie. We were both laughing out loud, I don’t know who was causing more of a scene! If you haven’t seen the movie…GO!!!

And get popcorn. We didn’t because of aforementioned cupcakes, but we should have!

Night a bad weekend, huh?! Cupcakes, the Hangover, Spring Awakening. And of course the dog park with Artie.

Wet, Muddy Artie

Wet, Muddy Artie


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