Back in the city, again

19 Jul

I hate to be a downer on such a beautiful day, but coming back from vacation is the pits. I miss the beach and relaxing and not thinking about going to work tomorrow. And being away for a week with my parents and sister makes me miss living in New York. It’s hard only seeing people for long weekends…I miss the consistency of living in the same city.

I did miss DC while I was away though, and it’s nice to be in my house, with my hubbie and my puppy. I just wish we could go on vacation more often!!

Back to real life though – off to the grocery store. And back to dreaming of being a philanthropist, or having some career that allowed me to do my own thing. Now I’m thinking of writing a children’s book. Probably a shot in the dark of getting anywhere with that… But something to work on, right?!

Oh and I’ll leave you with this adorable onesie that we spotted at a cute baby store in Rehobeth – I really wanted to buy it!!



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