Another good restaurant in DC!

7 Jul

While MJD’s mom was in town, we all basically ate our way through the city! That and took the puppies (we were dogsitting a pug) to every dog park possible. It was a great few days!

But a highlight was certainly eating at Potenza. I have been so behind on my reading lately that I didn’t even realize it had opened. Almost every morning, we drive past it on the way to work and still I’ve been oblivious. I blame it on not being a morning person!

Anyway, I caught up on some blogs last week, and it seemed liked Potenza was getting some impressive reviews, so we made a reservation. And I’m so glad we did.

I have an issue with going to that area of town during the weekend – it’s so touristy and quiet at night – but the moment we walked into the place I forgot that. First of all, I couldn’t stop myself from going to the bakery – must go back! Then we walked past the open kitchens (love that trend), into our booth (so comfortable), immediately devoured the bread basket and dip (joyous) and ordered a specialty cocktail (delicious)! What could be better?

We started with the cheese course, and that came with three of four dips that were fun and different, including wine soaked grapes, and truffle honey! Oh and the risotto balls – can you go wrong with that?

By the time we got our bottle of wine and entrees we were all feeling stuffed and giddy, but managed to eat most of our dinners too! MJD and his mom both had the veal, with a decadent polenta, and I had one of the freshly made pastas stuffed with rabbit and drizzled with an asparagus sauce (dcist has a photo). My mouth is watering thinking about it again!

They have so many housemade pastas and pizzas, I think I could back every week all summer! I don’t want to be totally over the top, so if you want some criticisms, I think cynical cook gives a fair review. Some of these issues seem to be better – the waitstaff was attentive for example when we were there – but in my long weekend glee I may have turned a blind eye to any shortcomings!

Either way, thank you DC for becoming more food and restaurant creative!


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