Writing about sweets

1 Jul

So, last night my sister came down for a visit (and for an interview). We were looking at the Napa wedding pictures at home, when all of a sudden I said to her, “you smell like baked goods.”

Random I know. But also sort of perfect, since she just started a baking blog called Brownies are Batter. She bakes and writes about it – mishaps, successes. She’s funny, and good, and I can’t wait to see her baking skills contiue to grow. Especially so that when (I won’t say if) she moves to DC I can regularly enjoy her treats.

If you like chocolate, visit her blog! She brought me the chocolate rugelach she just made and it was delicious! Hopefully she’ll love to bake so much we can open a store and work for ourselves — or a catering business! I’m fine with either.

I’m going to request this one of these days:



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