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Beer at the Zoo

30 Jul

Thanks to my dad for pointing out this fabulous event, and perfect timing with all the Obama/beer craziness.

It’s called Brew at the Zoo. I love the zoo, and I really enjoy beer and drinking as well!


How cute is the logo? Here’s the info:

Brew at the Zoo
August 20, 6-9 p.m.

Raise your glass to conservation and join FONZ Young Professionals at the fifth annual Brew at the Zoo. Sample beer from more than 35 microbreweries. Your ticket includes:

  • All beer sampling See participating breweries
  • A commemorative mug
  • Live music by local entertainers Gonzo’s Nose and the Batala Percussion Band.

Proceeds support animal care, conservation science, education, and sustainability at the National Zoo.

P.S. I think Obama should drink a local beer now that he lives in DC. How about Dogfish Head? I was just in Delaware for a week with my dad (I think I’ve been brain-washed)!


Cure for Stress

26 Jul

I was dragging a little yesterday – just your regular frustrations with work and career choices. I try to forget that stuff during the weekend, but it’s so hard. I continue to spend half my time trying to come up with my big idea – the plan that allows me to do my own thing, work for myself. But nothing yet.

Anyway, I was feeling stressed, when MJD and I decided to go out for Chopt salads and Hello Cupcake, before our night out seeing Spring Awakening.

Cupcakes and a musical at the Kennedy Center – what else can take your mind off a stressful situation?!

I’ll tell you what.

Turns out, we realize as we walk out the door in all our Kennedy Center finery, our tickets are for another day! WHAT?! I know, crazy! I don’t know how we both got it wrong, but there you go.

Fortunately, as we walk back into the house, we are overtaken by the best idea – to go see the Hangover instead.

I can’t tell you the last time I saw such a funny movie. We were both laughing out loud, I don’t know who was causing more of a scene! If you haven’t seen the movie…GO!!!

And get popcorn. We didn’t because of aforementioned cupcakes, but we should have!

Night a bad weekend, huh?! Cupcakes, the Hangover, Spring Awakening. And of course the dog park with Artie.

Wet, Muddy Artie

Wet, Muddy Artie

Back in the city, again

19 Jul

I hate to be a downer on such a beautiful day, but coming back from vacation is the pits. I miss the beach and relaxing and not thinking about going to work tomorrow. And being away for a week with my parents and sister makes me miss living in New York. It’s hard only seeing people for long weekends…I miss the consistency of living in the same city.

I did miss DC while I was away though, and it’s nice to be in my house, with my hubbie and my puppy. I just wish we could go on vacation more often!!

Back to real life though – off to the grocery store. And back to dreaming of being a philanthropist, or having some career that allowed me to do my own thing. Now I’m thinking of writing a children’s book. Probably a shot in the dark of getting anywhere with that… But something to work on, right?!

Oh and I’ll leave you with this adorable onesie that we spotted at a cute baby store in Rehobeth – I really wanted to buy it!!


Candy Love

15 Jul

Hello from the beach! Vacation is wonderful, of course. I haven’t yet burned, and I’m powering through the Harry Potter series.

But the best part of the beach is definitely…Candy Kitchen.

candy kitchen1

It’s so delightful. We’ve gotten different chocolates every night. Just letting you know!

candy kitchen2

The chocolate covered oreos are my favorite – brings back memories of eating them growing up. I’ve definitely gained a few pounds! Oh well. It’s vacation!

Craziness in our Midst

11 Jul

I know this might be lame but I am excited about all that’s going on in the neighborhood!

Kal Penn apparently moved into the area – I swear I saw him yesterday.

And the Real World cast is moving in. I have to start strolling by with Artie and see if we can get in the background! According to Borderstan, people are stopping to listen in. Hilarious.

Even my favorite councilman, Jack Evans, is getting involved. That’s right…the same Jack Evans I watched break ground at the dog park. Love him!

That’s how you win votes;-)

Anyway, I am off to Delaware with the family for a few days by the beach, but I’m looking forward to August in DC – never thought I’d say that!

Another good restaurant in DC!

7 Jul

While MJD’s mom was in town, we all basically ate our way through the city! That and took the puppies (we were dogsitting a pug) to every dog park possible. It was a great few days!

But a highlight was certainly eating at Potenza. I have been so behind on my reading lately that I didn’t even realize it had opened. Almost every morning, we drive past it on the way to work and still I’ve been oblivious. I blame it on not being a morning person!

Anyway, I caught up on some blogs last week, and it seemed liked Potenza was getting some impressive reviews, so we made a reservation. And I’m so glad we did.

I have an issue with going to that area of town during the weekend – it’s so touristy and quiet at night – but the moment we walked into the place I forgot that. First of all, I couldn’t stop myself from going to the bakery – must go back! Then we walked past the open kitchens (love that trend), into our booth (so comfortable), immediately devoured the bread basket and dip (joyous) and ordered a specialty cocktail (delicious)! What could be better?

We started with the cheese course, and that came with three of four dips that were fun and different, including wine soaked grapes, and truffle honey! Oh and the risotto balls – can you go wrong with that?

By the time we got our bottle of wine and entrees we were all feeling stuffed and giddy, but managed to eat most of our dinners too! MJD and his mom both had the veal, with a decadent polenta, and I had one of the freshly made pastas stuffed with rabbit and drizzled with an asparagus sauce (dcist has a photo). My mouth is watering thinking about it again!

They have so many housemade pastas and pizzas, I think I could back every week all summer! I don’t want to be totally over the top, so if you want some criticisms, I think cynical cook gives a fair review. Some of these issues seem to be better – the waitstaff was attentive for example when we were there – but in my long weekend glee I may have turned a blind eye to any shortcomings!

Either way, thank you DC for becoming more food and restaurant creative!

Can I go back to Napa?

6 Jul

Last week I promised pictures from the wedding we went to in Napa and I totally failed to follow through. All the regular reasons, busy at work, stress, life, etc, but also my sister decided to spend another night in DC and then MJD’s mom came down for a surprise visit. So, I’ve been otherwise occupied!

But here are a few pictures for your Monday morning procrastinating. As I said the wedding was beautiful, each piece so well thought out, and really one of the classiest weddings we’ve attended. And it was a lot of fun too! The bride and groom are so great together (and I don’t even think they read my blog, so I’m not kissing up!), and they’re families are amazing. Loud and funny and welcoming – picture a big Italian family from New Jersey and you got it;-)

I just love weddings. Even though I’ve been married for almost a year (crazy!) I still read Style Me Pretty on a regular basis. I think my true calling in life might be a wedding planner. Alas, back to this wedding!

The wedding ceremony was in an old mission surrounded by vineyards.

wedding chapel

The reception was at a beautiful winery.

wedding reception

wedding reception 2

Pretty amazing, right? And then they just had all these great details. Like, delicious drinks (in addition to the wine).

wedding reception drinks

wedding reception names

wedding reception table

wedding reception table 2

I love weddings. I’m just going to look at these pictures for awhile and then get to work!

Writing about sweets

1 Jul

So, last night my sister came down for a visit (and for an interview). We were looking at┬áthe Napa wedding pictures at home, when all of a sudden I said to her, “you smell like baked goods.”

Random I know. But also sort of perfect, since she just started a baking blog┬ácalled Brownies are Batter. She bakes and writes about it – mishaps, successes. She’s funny, and good, and I can’t wait to see her baking skills contiue to grow. Especially so that when (I won’t say if) she moves to DC I can regularly enjoy her treats.

If you like chocolate, visit her blog! She brought me the chocolate rugelach she just made and it was delicious! Hopefully she’ll love to bake so much we can open a store and work for ourselves — or a catering business! I’m fine with either.

I’m going to request this one of these days: