What day is it, anyway?!

22 Jun

I’m sorry it’s been so long again since I last wrote. But I got a terrible cold, and was working crazy hours last week and this weekend. And even today has been out of control.

But it’s been fun – lots of cool stuff.

My sister came down for a night.

We saw Bill Clinton.

Work has been crazy, with a lot of successes.

MJD, Artie and I drove our new car to NYC for my aunt’s party.

And now we’re going to Napa for a wedding – woohoo!

I really can’t complain!

Oh and I discovered Bertolli frozen pasta for hectic, late nights  – life saver!! Don’t judge me – they are not bad, and cheaper than ordering in!

And at least I get a protein and veggie in vs. just pasta and tomato sauce!



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