Time away

12 Jun

Did I mention that I was in Boston last weekend for a wedding? It was such a fabulous weekend, with lobster rolls, and a picnic, and a beautiful wedding. It reminded me of our wedding, and that MJD and I have almost been married for a year!

So crazy. I can’t believe how time flies. MJD and I are hoping to take our honeymoon in September, around our one-year anniversary, and we better get to the planning. I keep thinking it’s at least six months away, but it’s right around corner! We’re considering Hawaii – we have to figure out our points, and if we can take two weeks, but wouldn’t that be lovely?

I’m going to really focus on that trip after our next wedding weekend in Napa. I can’t wait to be sipping wine by the pool! And another wedding, means reliving ours again…Maybe we can renew our vows at 10 years!

Btw, when I did a search for Hawaii on Flickr, I found mostly pictures like this:

hawaii 1

But one of the first to come up was this one:

hawaii 2


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