New Purchases

9 Jun

I’ve been so busy lately – this month is just crazy with weddings, family visits, and trips for family events. And on top of all that, our car started to break down. I think it’s really sad to move from one car to another. I mean the first time MJD and I met up outside work, he picked me up in his volvo. And we drove to our wedding in that car.

But it was time to make a change and that’s what we did last week. We bought a shiny grey Honda Accord. With a V6 engine. So, it’s new, shiny, and fast! Perfect for both of us.

Of course in order to buy the car, I had to finally make the long dreaded leap to a DC drivers license. Giving up my NY license was hard! On top of the emotional attachment, it really was almost impossible to get a DC license.

The city is crazy! You need more proof than I can even start to explain, and then because of a broken camera – it took THREE trips to the DMV. If it wasn’t for the car, I would definitely still have a New York license!!

Oh and MJD called our City Councilman, Jack Evans, to let him know about the poor service at the DMV – and his staff called back immediately to apologize and offer their help. I had the license at that point, but we were impressed. I am now a fan of Jack Evans. Also, he supported the dog park that’s STILL being built on New Hampshire Ave, so that’s another plus. Maybe we should call for an update on the park though!



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