Date Night

2 Jun

Just like the Obamas, MJD and I had a date night on Saturday night. We also went to dinner and a play, although we were on U Street, not Broadway. Actually, my mom called earlier in the night all excited that maybe we’d be seeing the same play as the Obamas…then she realized they were in NY and that was not as fun;-) But we had a great time.

After a full day of car searching (I’ll get back to that), we tried Next Door, the restaurant next door (ha) to Ben’s Chili Bowl, and were very impressed. I thought it would be a fancier version of Ben’s food – like a gourmet sausage, instead of a hot dog…but instead you can get Ben’s food at the bar or delicious, maybe soul food, in the dining room. MJD had the fried chicken and I had shrimp and scallops in a spicy (maybe bbq) sauce. And the mashed potatoes were a treat!

It was a little pricier than I expected, but nice portions, and worth it. And they had a really fun drink list!

After dinner, we went down the street to the Lincoln Theater and saw Valerie Harper in Looped. For those of you who may have enjoyed Nick at Nite growing up, Valerie Harper played Rhoda on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

It was so nice to have a night out in DC!

Date Night!

Date Night!


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