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Joys of Wine Tasting

30 Jun

MJD and I loved our trip to Napa. We had the time to drive around and visit wineries away from the main roads, and they were beautiful. We say friends from NY who were in town for the wedding, friends who just moved to California, and friends who were getting married of course.

I loved tasting all the wines, and just driving around with my guy. Here are some pictures of Napa, and I’ll post a few from the wedding in a minute.

The wedding was beautiful!

Oh, btw, I learned so many things I am embarassed that I didn’t know. Like the fact that Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are the same thing. Who knew?!

And people in Napa love dogs. There are dog books at the wineries and dogs that live on the wineries. And check out this woman wine tasting with dogs!

Driving to a winery

Driving to a winery

View from a winery on the Silverado Trail

View from a winery on the Silverado Trail

Loving the vineyards!

Loving the vineyards!

Weekend in Napa

26 Jun

Hello from Napa! MJD and I are in Napa for the wedding of our really good friends – and it’s so nice to be on vacation! We’re about to go drive the Silverado Trail, and taste some wine, and eat a good lunch. This afternoon, I am hoping for some pool time!

I’ll be sure to take some pictures and share soon! Off to some wine tasting. MJD swears he is going to act very pretentious and embarras me, so I’ll let you know. Sure to be a funny experience!

PS. Michael Jackson?! Crazy. The people skyping into CNN are a little over the top though, don’t you think? Sorry.

What day is it, anyway?!

22 Jun

I’m sorry it’s been so long again since I last wrote. But I got a terrible cold, and was working crazy hours last week and this weekend. And even today has been out of control.

But it’s been fun – lots of cool stuff.

My sister came down for a night.

We saw Bill Clinton.

Work has been crazy, with a lot of successes.

MJD, Artie and I drove our new car to NYC for my aunt’s party.

And now we’re going to Napa for a wedding – woohoo!

I really can’t complain!

Oh and I discovered Bertolli frozen pasta for hectic, late nights  – life saver!! Don’t judge me – they are not bad, and cheaper than ordering in!

And at least I get a protein and veggie in vs. just pasta and tomato sauce!


Visited a New Dog Park

14 Jun

Yesterday, MJD and I brought Artie to Montrose Park – right next to Dumbarton Oaks in Georgetown. It was amazing!!! People all over the neighborhood rave about this park, but we never had the energy to find it before.

It’s so great because there’s a beautiful grassy area with picnic tables and benches where you can sit and let your dog run around, or you can walk down a path to a creek and let your dog swim in the water! We go to the dog beach in Virginia sometime, but this one is much closer for a busy day or work night.

Artie loved it and basically passed out the entire rest of the day!

Artie sleeping

Time away

12 Jun

Did I mention that I was in Boston last weekend for a wedding? It was such a fabulous weekend, with lobster rolls, and a picnic, and a beautiful wedding. It reminded me of our wedding, and that MJD and I have almost been married for a year!

So crazy. I can’t believe how time flies. MJD and I are hoping to take our honeymoon in September, around our one-year anniversary, and we better get to the planning. I keep thinking it’s at least six months away, but it’s right around corner! We’re considering Hawaii – we have to figure out our points, and if we can take two weeks, but wouldn’t that be lovely?

I’m going to really focus on that trip after our next wedding weekend in Napa. I can’t wait to be sipping wine by the pool! And another wedding, means reliving ours again…Maybe we can renew our vows at 10 years!

Btw, when I did a search for Hawaii on Flickr, I found mostly pictures like this:

hawaii 1

But one of the first to come up was this one:

hawaii 2

Elevated Park – Only in NYC!

9 Jun

For all the New Yorkers reading, go check out the High Line!! My cousin just posted that this brand new public park is now open!

The NY Times says, the first phase of the park, on an elevated promenade that was once a railway line for delivering cattle, is complete.

High Line

I can’t wait to get back to NY and visit!

New Purchases

9 Jun

I’ve been so busy lately – this month is just crazy with weddings, family visits, and trips for family events. And on top of all that, our car started to break down. I think it’s really sad to move from one car to another. I mean the first time MJD and I met up outside work, he picked me up in his volvo. And we drove to our wedding in that car.

But it was time to make a change and that’s what we did last week. We bought a shiny grey Honda Accord. With a V6 engine. So, it’s new, shiny, and fast! Perfect for both of us.

Of course in order to buy the car, I had to finally make the long dreaded leap to a DC drivers license. Giving up my NY license was hard! On top of the emotional attachment, it really was almost impossible to get a DC license.

The city is crazy! You need more proof than I can even start to explain, and then because of a broken camera – it took THREE trips to the DMV. If it wasn’t for the car, I would definitely still have a New York license!!

Oh and MJD called our City Councilman, Jack Evans, to let him know about the poor service at the DMV – and his staff called back immediately to apologize and offer their help. I had the license at that point, but we were impressed. I am now a fan of Jack Evans. Also, he supported the dog park that’s STILL being built on New Hampshire Ave, so that’s another plus. Maybe we should call for an update on the park though!



8 Jun

I get why some people are against Real World filming in DC. Occasionally a film crew and annoying scantily clad young things will take over a favorite bar or restaurant. But really, doesn’t the knowledge that people outside the Beltway are interested in DC make you a smidge happy?! I know I will do my fair share of complaining if my night gets turned around because of Real World, but I think it may be worthwhile. Plus, I am sure the cast will mostly venture to places I wouldn’t dream of visiting, so most likely no loss there. 

I am open to admitting it if I turn out to be wrong and the Real World presence is really annoying. But as long as they don’t live next door (which it sounds like they won’t), I think I’m ok. Check out the picture of the house they may occupy here!

The most surprising thing about all this Real World gossip, is how friends that I thought would love the idea, seem to hate it. I mean I’m going to have to really pick the brain of one friend who is even writing for The Anti-Real World DC. We’re going to  have to have a heart to heart over a lot of wine!

My take is positive at this point. I mean they can only add excitement to the city, right? Continue reading

Need, Need, Need

3 Jun

I don’t mean to be a complainer, but I really need new suits. And reading all these wonderful design and fashion blogs, like Oh Joy, I’m even more desperate for pretty things!

But where to buy them? Everything is so expensive? I really wanted this dress, skirt, jacket from JCrew, but each piece is crazy $$$$$! I have to check out the outlets, but can you think of anything in DC?

I really can’t keep going to work in my makeshift outfits. They worked in the last office, but not here. I need to look professional. Shock, I know!

Makes me hungry

2 Jun

The daily food porn posted by the folks at the Internet Food Association always makes me hungry. The pictures also make me want to learn how to cook and bake better food. Look at today’s picture:


Starving! I need to save money for a cooking class!