Paris, Chocolates, and Fun

28 May

There’s something about Paris in the spring! I know three people that went, are in, or are going to Paris in May! MJD’s aunt, my good friend at Mollytics, and MJD’s mom.

I love Paris. I’ve been there twice, and don’t get me wrong I ran into some snooty French people, but I have fabulous memories of both trips.

The first time I visited was in high school with my friend Ellen and her parents. I just remember laughing hysterically the whole trip, making “ugly faces” for Ellen’s parents, and eating alot of chocolate, pastries, and cheese!

Side note: We spent the week trying to beat each other making the ugliest face possible – and there are pictures to prove it;-) What was wrong with us!!?

In college, I went to Paris for a few days to visit my friend Andrea who was studying there, and although I stayed at the nastiest hotel, it was so amazing to see her, and just walk around the city without feeling the need to hit every museum and tourist spot. Andrea now lives in Munich, but whenever she visits Paris, she send me chocolates;-)

I can’t believe I forgot to tell MJ about these chocolates before her trip, but I’m going to email MJD’s mom now. They are delicious!!!




One Response to “Paris, Chocolates, and Fun”

  1. browniesarebatter May 29, 2009 at 4:15 pm #

    those chocolates are so good!

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