Tired and Lazy Day

17 May

As my birthday approaches (yes, I know it’s not for seven months), I am noticing all the ways I am getting older. For example, if you had run into me today, you would have thought I was out partying all night on Saturday. I looked tired, I wolfed down French Toast for breakfast, I napped for an hour…But the truth is, I went to a birthday party and was home by midnight. Granted, I had some wine and champagne, but unlike the birthday girl, I was spared any shots. I am just getting boring.

Anyway…back to the french toast…it was delicious. I got it at Circa in Dupont, with friends from NY. Everyone’s food looked really good, except for poor MJD who got the smoked salmon and a bagel, which reallymeant a frozen bagel with lox cream cheese. Not exactly the platter we are used to getting in NYC. But he was a good sport and I gave him one of my french toast brioche slices. I’ve decided that I really like that place.

After brunch we walked around the farmer’s market but I was too tired to get really excited. So I literally went home and passed out and then went to Whole Foods!

This is how we all felt today.

Artie Sleeping


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