A blur

3 May

This weekend passed in a total blur. How can two days move so quickly? It was just a blur of grocery shopping, laundry, returns to nordstrom…I did make a soup for the week today, though, so I’ll let you know how that tastes tomorrow. It’s chicken cocunut thai soup…We’ll see.

MJD and I also tried Cafe Salsa on 14th on Friday night. Staff is definately working out some snags (waited over an hour, and half that time there were open tables, grrr). But food was delic, as was the strawberry daiquiri my hubbie ordered;-) The pork/guac appetizer was phenom, as was the pork wrapped in a fried plantain that I ordered as a main course. Go on a Tuesday and enjoy!

The weekend may have flown by, but I did accomplish a lot.  I just think I’m so tired from the stress of a new job that I can barely function over the weekend. I have to work on that.

And I will get to a farmers market one of these weekends! (sorry for over sleeping on Saturday MJ!)


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