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Paris, Chocolates, and Fun

28 May

There’s something about Paris in the spring! I know three people that went, are in, or are going to Paris in May! MJD’s aunt, my good friend at Mollytics, and MJD’s mom.

I love Paris. I’ve been there twice, and don’t get me wrong I ran into some snooty French people, but I have fabulous memories of both trips.

The first time I visited was in high school with my friend Ellen and her parents. I just remember laughing hysterically the whole trip, making “ugly faces” for Ellen’s parents, and eating alot of chocolate, pastries, and cheese!

Side note: We spent the week trying to beat each other making the ugliest face possible – and there are pictures to prove it;-) What was wrong with us!!?

In college, I went to Paris for a few days to visit my friend Andrea who was studying there, and although I stayed at the nastiest hotel, it was so amazing to see her, and just walk around the city without feeling the need to hit every museum and tourist spot. Andrea now lives in Munich, but whenever she visits Paris, she send me chocolates;-)

I can’t believe I forgot to tell MJ about these chocolates before her trip, but I’m going to email MJD’s mom now. They are delicious!!!




Oh Canada

28 May

I was in Canada this weekend. I know crazy, right?! It’s so close, but I’ve only ever been to Montreal and Niagra Falls (each once) on the east coast. I went with my family to a bunch of places out west on a family trip years ago.

Anyway, it turns out that MJD is part Canadian. Obviously, I knew that, but I had never really thought about it. Then all of a sudden we’re in Canada with a lot of relatives! It was my first time meeting most of them, but it was fun.

We were mostly in Toronto, which is a great city. The water front is pretty, and I kind of love any city with a street car! We didn’t get to do too many touristy things, but MJD’s grandfather took us on a driving tour – showing us all the famous parts of the city, and the places important to the family. We saw the house he was born in and the house he built after WWII.

It was a pretty great trip.

Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline

At night

At night

Pictures originally uploaded on Flickr!

What I’d Love To Do Right Now

27 May

There are dogs playing in the fountain outside of my window at work. I wish we could take Artie to play in a fountain right now.

He loves running in the water at the dog beach in VA!

Originally posted on Flickr

Originally posted on Flickr


27 May

I just read on Borderstan that the S Street – New Hampshire dog park is delayed until the end of June…due to heavy rain. Why does DC get so thrown off by rain?

Artie is mad.

Artie says poo on the rain

Artie says poo on the rain

He also had a haircut last week – I’ll post pics this week!

Hot Dogs, Baseball, and a singing show!

22 May

What a week?! The Idol finale, the Glee pilot (on tivo, haven’t watched), a baseball game, and a puppy play date…I am done for the week.

I have to say I am still unclear about my feelings on the Idol outcome. I certainly enjoyed the show – Kara’s disrobing (is that a word?) was unsettling – but everything else was delightful! I liked Adam a bit more, but I can see how Kris appeals to people. He’s grown on me a little, but the expressions he makes with his mouth are still terrible!

Anyway, other than my hours of Idol viewing, I went to a baseball game earlier this week and I just love nights watching the Nationals! I know they are terrible, but it’s so nice to sit outside, and watch a game.

And of course the best part is the chance to have a hot dog and  beer!

I don’t put this many topping on my hot dog – I prefer ketchup and mustard – but just looking at this makes me want to go to another game! 

What’s your favorite part of a game? Don’t tell me it’s the actual sport;-)

hot dog

American Idol

20 May

I can’t wait for American Idol tonight!! Who is going to be the winner? I’ll be watching.

But the real questions is whether you’d rather win and have to release that terrible song written by Kara as your first single, or come in second?!

It’s going to be two hours of fun for me and pain for MJD.  But I’ll get him a good dessert for watching!

Sky Diving vs. Just About Anything

18 May

If you gave me the choice to spend my Saturday sky diving or doing just about anything else, I think I would choose anything else. I just want to admit that up front. So, you can imagine my surprise, when my sister calls me Saturday morning and says “Hey. I just went sky diving.”

WHAT?! Right?! Is that your reaction? It was certainly my reaction.

Sky Diving?! We’re all on the same page here, right? Sky diving looks like this:

sky diving

And yet, my sister calls and  says in a very matter of fact way that she, indeed, went sky diving.  Crazy, right? Even crazier, she seemed to enjoy it.

She and her friend drove out to the Jersey Shore and they literally jumped out of a plane.

Seriously. I think I hyperventilated just writing that. More power to her. I wish I had the guts to do that!

Weirdly, right before my sister called, I was on twitter and saw that she had written about heading to her plane… I was so confused, and called my mom to see if she was going away. Of course, my mom had no idea, and then low and behold mystery solved. But look at that for twitter – sharing information for one sister at a time!

Tired and Lazy Day

17 May

As my birthday approaches (yes, I know it’s not for seven months), I am noticing all the ways I am getting older. For example, if you had run into me today, you would have thought I was out partying all night on Saturday. I looked tired, I wolfed down French Toast for breakfast, I napped for an hour…But the truth is, I went to a birthday party and was home by midnight. Granted, I had some wine and champagne, but unlike the birthday girl, I was spared any shots. I am just getting boring.

Anyway…back to the french toast…it was delicious. I got it at Circa in Dupont, with friends from NY. Everyone’s food looked really good, except for poor MJD who got the smoked salmon and a bagel, which reallymeant a frozen bagel with lox cream cheese. Not exactly the platter we are used to getting in NYC. But he was a good sport and I gave him one of my french toast brioche slices. I’ve decided that I really like that place.

After brunch we walked around the farmer’s market but I was too tired to get really excited. So I literally went home and passed out and then went to Whole Foods!

This is how we all felt today.

Artie Sleeping

Rainy Saturday

16 May

So excited that I don’t have to go to work today! Woohoo!

But I do wish it was sunny. I had planned to take my first trip to the farmer’s market for the year, but NO WAY does this girl do farmer’s markets in the rain!

So, MJD, Artie and I went to get a cappuccino muffin instead and they were out. BOO. I need to find another place as a back up. Thoughts?

I think I will spend the day reading my book club book, This American Wife, and hiding from the rain. And then we are going to meet my friend Amanda’s new baby boy!!! So exciting. He’s only three days old. I don’t think I’ve ever met a baby that young.

After that we actually have a party to attend – shocked I know, and some really good friends are coming down from NYC. Even with rain, and no muffin, I think this will be a good day!

Artie agrees!


Singing on TV

15 May

Singing on TV is so good!

I thought my sister and I were the only people excited by Glee. We’re not!

Yeah! Check out the video on I Heart You.