Kara and Kris have got to go

22 Apr

I can never seem to watch American Idol live anymore, but thank goodness for Tivo. I am so done with the new fourth judge, Kara, and the contestant Kris Allen. I try not to be mean on here, but they bug me big time. It was disco night, and Kris did not perform disco…And Kara is so desperate to not seem like the awkward fourth wheel that she makes it worse.  Why does she always have to make the same comment about “be true to who you are.” UGH It drives me crazy!

And Paula is a rockstar this season. Adore her.





I am very sad that Anoop and Lil are out. I think for the first time I would consider going to the concert. I’m sure the hubbie just rolled his eyes, but I know my sister will go with me!


One Response to “Kara and Kris have got to go”

  1. Artie April 23, 2009 at 10:57 am #

    Dad and I are busy that night, so you’ll need to find other people to join you at the concert. Artie

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