10 reasons to try and like work

4 Apr

OK, so I felt bad after posting my reasons to hate work the other day. I really am glad to have a job, and decided to write a more optimistic list. Something to read on days when that third cup of coffee just still isn’t doing the trick.

10. Obviously getting a paycheck is key.

9. The chance that I might make new friends.

8. Meeting MJD for lunch is a super special break in the day (we have yet to do this, but talk about it a a lot!).

7. Having weekend plans is something to really look forward to.

6. I can go shopping and feel only partially guilty.

5. Can pay half of the mortgage somewhat on time.

4. I feel like I am accomplishing something every day…but I  may have just written that because I feel like I should have it in the list!

3. Artie is super excited when I get home.

2. I like routine.

1. I really love muffins, and like to treat myself to them on fridays after a long week.

HMM, that list was  a lot harder than the other one. I think it’s because I really do work mostly for money – if I was a millionare I think I would do all different little jobs, volunteer, put money into a bakery, lauch a website, etc…I don’t think I’d have a 9am-5pm  (who am I kidding, 9am-7pm if lucky) job.

Alas, it’s back to work on Monday for now…but I need a black suit and buying that make will make me feel better!


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