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27 Apr

Is anyone else totally freaked out about the Swine Flu? I mean I know I’m a little crazy, but I totally have a cold right now, and how am I expected not to panic? Maybe I’m developing bad allergies. Are allergies bad right now?

 Maybe I shouldn’t have had so much wine tonight!


Fame in the Family

26 Apr

Artie is so famous. He showed up on dcist today. Who could pass that face without falling in love!?

And a bunch of friends have written to tell me he’s on there. Who knew he had so many fans!

He loves you guys too!!!

Stress free day … NOT

25 Apr

A few weeks ago I planned today as my stress free day. No work, no errands, just relaxation. To that end I made myself an appointment for a massage, and made dinner plans with friends to get Vietnamese out in VA.

I got to the massage with no problem. I booked it at the Four Seasons, I know it’s expensive, but it’s sooo nice! This experience was nice, but not nearly as luxurious as the last time I visited. The place was packed with groups of women – tourists maybe. They were so loud and took over the lounge and the steam room – it was so annoying.

The massage itself was wonderful, but the masseuse was a heavy breather. It was actually quite distracting! I mean I started to feel bad that maybe she was working too hard…It freaked me out.

The kicker though came when I ran an errand on the way home (had to get some meds for Artie) and the car STALLED. What?!  I had no idea what to do  – I’ve never owned a car. I only learned how to drive at 22. Thankfully, MJD was home and calmed me down, and I was able to get the car started and drive home. But yuck. That kind of made the massage obsolete.

And now we have no way to get to Vietnamese! We’ll probably just have to move the location of dinner, but I am going to think of the Vietnemese food I missed all night…

Oh well, the day could have been  A LOT worse, so I’ll suck it up now and enjoy the beautiful summer evening!

Muffins in DC

24 Apr

Please tell me someone in this city knows where to find a cappuccino muffin? Since moving to DC I found one place by my old job that carried them, but they stopped last year. I love my cappuccino muffin. It has always been a Friday morning treat for me, and it’s been over a year since I’ve had one. SHOCKED when I realized that. I have let go of the dream of getting one every Friday morning, and now am open to traveling for one on Saturdays. Does anyone know a store that sells them?

I can’t find a picture anywhere. I’ll take one the next time I’m in NY and post again if needed!


23 Apr

I went to my first baby shower this weekend and it was so fun. Very relaxed ladies afternoon of chatting and snacking. I made a salad with ramen noodles, and a lot of other delicious stuff. I’ll post the recipe this weekend. And I found the best little gift here:

Bon Jovi Baby

Bon Jovi Baby

I got in baby blue, and hope the Bon Jovi mom liked it as much as I did!!


23 Apr

I am so irked about my schedule right now and that I never have time to blog. I mean I work, I eat, I watch a show, I sleep. Where is the time for relaxing, reading, blogging, talking on the phone. Working is a drag.

I also have not had the best week – dealing with frustrating situations that seem earily similar to my last job. Hopefully next week will be better.

In the meantime I need a healthy afternoon snack that will give me energy and then maybe I’ll be able to do more than eat and pass out each night.


Kara and Kris have got to go

22 Apr

I can never seem to watch American Idol live anymore, but thank goodness for Tivo. I am so done with the new fourth judge, Kara, and the contestant Kris Allen. I try not to be mean on here, but they bug me big time. It was disco night, and Kris did not perform disco…And Kara is so desperate to not seem like the awkward fourth wheel that she makes it worse.  Why does she always have to make the same comment about “be true to who you are.” UGH It drives me crazy!

And Paula is a rockstar this season. Adore her.





I am very sad that Anoop and Lil are out. I think for the first time I would consider going to the concert. I’m sure the hubbie just rolled his eyes, but I know my sister will go with me!


19 Apr


Fozzie Artie

Fozzie Artie

About to pounce

14 Apr

pounceIf Artie was on gossip girls, this would be his, “Oh no you didn’t” face.

Do you like a white flower?

13 Apr

More than a pink flower? This is another picture from last week. MJD and Artie were so annoyed at me for stopping at this point!!