Best. Spring. Rolls. Ever

23 Mar

I’ve been wanting to try Vietnamese food forever since watching Anthony Bourdain’s show two weeks ago, and I am so glad I got MJD interested in the idea! We decided to finally look into where to try it around DC this past weekend and chose Huong Viet after reading great reviews from all the local foodies. I think MJD might have taken me just to distract me from new job panic, but either way we both loved it – even the trip out to Eden Center…in Virginia.

If you have access to a car and a free night, this place is so worth it! We had the rare beef salad and pork & shrimp crispy spring rolls to start, and both were delicious. The beef is tossed with lime juice, I think, and scallions, and was mouth watering. We devoured the plate only to realize we’d have to make room for so much more! The spring rolls were the best either one of us could remember eating, with real pieces of carrot, shrimp and pork in every bite.

For entrees we had roast chicken on vermicelli noodles – the chicken was cooked to perfection, although if you are afraid of a little fat I wouldn’t recommend it – and a pancake dish with shrimp and pork. The pancake was the only let down.

To end the night we walked around Eden Center and had bubble tea, and Vietnamese desserts, including a sesame donut (yum), and were so glad to have ventured outside the city limits (you won’t hear me say that often!).

I only wish we could find a place that good in DC – does anyone have suggestions??!

OK, back to first day panic. Send good vibes!


One Response to “Best. Spring. Rolls. Ever”

  1. Lusty Reader March 23, 2009 at 12:32 pm #

    i also rarely rarely leave dc, so my only rec is for a place in cleveland park called Nam Viet, but I have heard there are a lot of great places in fairfax/arlington since a number of Vietnamese live in that area

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