Style Guru

20 Mar

My husband, MJD, hates fashion. He hates shopping, hates talking about shopping, basically tries his best to know nothing about fashion. But last night out of nowhere, he was like a style guru. Over dinner at Park Cafe, my mom and I were telling him about our trip to the mall, and how our sales lady at Nordstrom was totally ridiculous.

Side note: I think this woman was maybe trying NOT to make a sale by constantly guessing a larger size for me than I needed…seriously, every time she came by to check on me she had a larger size…maybe it was a bet, like how to lose a sale in ten minutes???!

Anyway, I blanked on the style of skirt I had tried on so looked at my mom saying, “you know, the skirt…” and gesturing wildly with my hands until she started guessing bell jar. Bell Jar? Is there a skirt shaped like a bell jar??

In the midst of all of that, MJD, who I was pretty certain had spaced out of the convo already, yelled “Pencil Skirt.” HA! That was right! He started making wave motions and slapped my mom high five over the table! He was so proud!

And really I am writing this post now because he just texted me, “Why haven’t you blogged about how I knew the skirt last night and you and your mom didn’t?!”

pencilskirtA pencil skirt


2 Responses to “Style Guru”

  1. Artie March 20, 2009 at 11:24 am #

    My dad is a STYLE GURU!

  2. domesticinnyc March 20, 2009 at 2:41 pm #

    Nicely done! Nick still doesn’t know the difference between a skirt and a dress…

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