St. Michaels Weekend

16 Mar

Can I be honest? I like Rehobeth better. Maybe it’s because Rehobeth is a beach, not a bay, or because this past weekend was not only the off season, but also raining. But I didn’t think St. Michaels was that great. And neither did MJD.

Now, we had a fabulous time! The place was pretty and relaxing, but it just didn’t live up to the hype.

But here are the highlights:

We stayed at the Five Gables Inn and Spa, where I had a lovely massage. Can’t complain!

We ate at Town & Dock on the water (probably our first mistake, but we wanted to see the boats!). The seafood buffet (ha!) was lacking, but the view was beautiful.

The View


On Saturday, we walked around, but the town is quite small – we might have missed something though. We did ZERO research. Then we sat for two hours at the fancy Inn at Perry Cabin, had lunch, and read our books, which was a fabulously relaxing afternoon!

Perry Cabin

We also stumbled upon the only brewing company in the area, so my dad should be thrilled. Eastern Shore Brewing – small and intense, with oyster shells leading up to the door!

Eastern Shore


For dinner we went to Bisto St. Michaels, which was recommended in all the articles I read (only research I did was for Sat. night dinner). The decor was blech, but my chicken was outstanding.

We had a great time just getting away, and leaving the stress behind for a few days, but the most fun might have been picking up Artie at the doggie hotel! He was so happy to see us, but not too thrilled when we took him right to the bath at home. He was STINKY! The next few hours were spent watching him go crazy trying to dry off!


You can see the whole sequence of his craziness here!


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