Someone writing about Queens!

13 Mar

Omg, someone that I am not related to just wrote about Queens!! What some may call the forgotten borough is where my mom and her sisters were raised, I grew up, my parents live, and my cousin and her husband recently moved! After many years (highschool in Manhattan) of trashing Queens, I have come to love being there, and eating all the wonderful food (Jackson Diner) and hoping that one day it will join the ranks of Manhattan and Brooklyn. And today, I saw that Design Sponge hosted a guest blogger, Lost Bird Found, to write about Queens!

Check out both posts! Here and Here.

QueensPicture found here.

7 train – main form of transportation to my part of Queens.

We named one of the tables at our wedding after this train!


2 Responses to “Someone writing about Queens!”

  1. mom P. March 13, 2009 at 8:31 am #

    It is gratifying to know that Queens continues to grow in stature.


  1. Queens Here I Am, or Brooklyn Here I Come. « Domestic Attempts - March 13, 2009

    […] my cousin posted a very excited note that Queen’s was finally written about, and on Design Sponge of all places! It is pretty […]

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