Off to Maryland!

13 Mar

So, I got a job. Crazy, right?! I am both excited and stressed beyond belief. Starting a new job is like jumping out of an airplane – it could be awesome, or could totally suck. That was such a lame thing to write, cause if starting a job were really like jumping out of an airplane (I am both scared of heights and of flying), I would still be answering the phone at a publishing house! Moving on…

Anyway, since I got this new job, MJD and I are off to celebrate with a weekend getaway on St. Michaels in MD. Yes, it’s cold. But the hotel looks cozy, we’re trying a highly recommended restaurant, and I made myself an appointment at a spa! So, I’m pretty psyched!

I will write more about the job stuff later, but it really does stress me out to think about it.

In case you miss me over the weekend, you can read about a recent gossip girl watching evening gone wrong here…GG viewing turned into lighting a small electrical appliance on fire. Oops!

A Winter Stroll

A Winter Stroll

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