Idol Idol Idol

4 Mar

As you all know I love (sing song voice) American Idol! But I am terrible at remembering who the contestants are, and what they sang. So, while I help a friend with a project I am going to leave you a few Idol reviews to peruse. Probably only my sister will care enough to read them, but you know what, that’s ok with me. I cannot deny her this Idol time!

Blissful Buzz has a lot to say, but here’s my favorite.

Alex Wagner-Truman, I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues (Elton John): This guy surprisingly has a good a voice, but man is he annoying to watch sing. But John Mayer has made is big and bagged Jennifer Aniston so maybe that doesn’t matter.

CliqueClack was not a fan of Von’s performance (neither was I).

And A Round World Through Square Glasses nails Jorge’s performance with this soundbite.

Jorge looks seductively into the camera. His eyebrows are mesmerizing. I’m not one to believe in hypnosis…but if there is such a thing, this guy’s eyebrows would do the trick.

I am rooting for Lil and the girl who got called back. But not sure on which guy!

Who do you want to see make it through?


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