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10 reasons why working is not fun

31 Mar

OK, don’t get me wrong, I am really thankful for having a job. A few weeks ago, I was at the stage of unemployment when I was freaking out about how to pay my bills, mortgage, etc…I mean I didn’t really want to look at my new lovely husband and ask him to cover me a few grand;-) Plus, it was getting hard not to go shopping or get a manicure.

But, nonetheless, working is really tough. Here’s what been hardest so far, in no particular order:

10. Free time flies by. I barely have time to cook, eat, and watch one show, before I’m freaking out that I have to get up in less than eight hours.

9. Never getting eight hours of sleep.

8. Having no time for gossip girl marathons.

7. Being forced to eat bad lunch everyday, from the same small collection of bad lunch places.

6. Always having a fake smile on my face, cause I don’t have friends at work yet.

5. Not having time to call my NY friends and family when I am home, or meet my DC friends cause of the aforementioned cook, eat, one tv show, panicked rush to bed dilemma.

4. No time to blog, twitter, etc.

3. Leaving Artie in the crate all day.

2. No time for Oprah.

1. Having to look nice all the time.


No new restaurants for me

29 Mar

Turns out last night’s dinner was not at a new restaurant, just a new face to an old restaurant. It turns out Simply Home now goes by the name DC Noodles and…big surprise…only serves noodle. That would be fine except that I used to love their Korean beef and now they no longer serve it (at least it’s not on the menu). The noodles were fine, but nothing so out of the ordinary. We had a good time with our friends though, and the lychee martini was worth the trip!

We randomly ended the evening at Maggie Moos, which is always a treat. I’ll have to try the new restaurants on 14th in the next few weeks, I’ve become lazy and tend to always visit the same stand bys. If anyone has tried them, let me know!!

The dog ate my glove

28 Mar

I would not put it past Artie to eat my homework, or my work work. If he is bored and frustrated, he will eat anything he can get in his mouth. This morning it turned out that my cashmere glove was his victim. Very irritating start to the day.

Hopefully it will get warm sooner rather than later, so I can forget the poor glove and forgive the pup;-) Really I can’t stay mad at him for more than five minutes, but I try to pretend I am!

Anyway, I am starting to feel a bit recovered from my first week of work. I slept for a good 10 hours last night, and relaxed today, so I’m feeling a little better. I haven’t yet mastered having the energy to see anyone after work, but I’m meeting friends for brunch tomorrow, and I think it’s a step in the right direction. Next week may be another wash, but then I have book club, and I trust that will be the kick in the pants that I need!

Back to the couch! Trying a new restaurant tonight on U Street – will let you know if it’s any good.

Working is hard

25 Mar

I forgot how time consuming it is to have a job. My whole day flies by, and then I am exhausted at night! It’s only been three days though, so I’m sure (hoping at least) that I’ll find a rhythm. And that I’ll find better lunch options. The wrap I ordered today was disgusting, and I cannot live on sunchips alone!

American Idol made today a great day though. I love Smokey Robinson.

Now I have to sleep!

Best. Spring. Rolls. Ever

23 Mar

I’ve been wanting to try Vietnamese food forever since watching Anthony Bourdain’s show two weeks ago, and I am so glad I got MJD interested in the idea! We decided to finally look into where to try it around DC this past weekend and chose Huong Viet after reading great reviews from all the local foodies. I think MJD might have taken me just to distract me from new job panic, but either way we both loved it – even the trip out to Eden Center…in Virginia.

If you have access to a car and a free night, this place is so worth it! We had the rare beef salad and pork & shrimp crispy spring rolls to start, and both were delicious. The beef is tossed with lime juice, I think, and scallions, and was mouth watering. We devoured the plate only to realize we’d have to make room for so much more! The spring rolls were the best either one of us could remember eating, with real pieces of carrot, shrimp and pork in every bite.

For entrees we had roast chicken on vermicelli noodles – the chicken was cooked to perfection, although if you are afraid of a little fat I wouldn’t recommend it – and a pancake dish with shrimp and pork. The pancake was the only let down.

To end the night we walked around Eden Center and had bubble tea, and Vietnamese desserts, including a sesame donut (yum), and were so glad to have ventured outside the city limits (you won’t hear me say that often!).

I only wish we could find a place that good in DC – does anyone have suggestions??!

OK, back to first day panic. Send good vibes!

Style Guru

20 Mar

My husband, MJD, hates fashion. He hates shopping, hates talking about shopping, basically tries his best to know nothing about fashion. But last night out of nowhere, he was like a style guru. Over dinner at Park Cafe, my mom and I were telling him about our trip to the mall, and how our sales lady at Nordstrom was totally ridiculous.

Side note: I think this woman was maybe trying NOT to make a sale by constantly guessing a larger size for me than I needed…seriously, every time she came by to check on me she had a larger size…maybe it was a bet, like how to lose a sale in ten minutes???!

Anyway, I blanked on the style of skirt I had tried on so looked at my mom saying, “you know, the skirt…” and gesturing wildly with my hands until she started guessing bell jar. Bell Jar? Is there a skirt shaped like a bell jar??

In the midst of all of that, MJD, who I was pretty certain had spaced out of the convo already, yelled “Pencil Skirt.” HA! That was right! He started making wave motions and slapped my mom high five over the table! He was so proud!

And really I am writing this post now because he just texted me, “Why haven’t you blogged about how I knew the skirt last night and you and your mom didn’t?!”

pencilskirtA pencil skirt

Spring Arrived

20 Mar

Today is the first day of spring (I think). I just don’t believe it. It’s cold, and there are no flowers yet. Where are the flowering trees? This “city” is supposed to be warm and pretty. Why is it cold and wintery-looking (may have made up that word)? Where is the warm air???!!!!!!

I start a new job on Monday – stress may be getting the best of me. The end.

Where is Spring?!

Where is Spring?!

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If you haven’t tried corned beef…

18 Mar

…you are missing something fabulous! Dinner with mom, MJD, and our friend Amanda was delicious. I love St. Patrick’s Day, and now Amanda does too. Did anyone else make a special St. Paddy’s dinner?!

St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day

I need these bowls

17 Mar

I desire these bowls – I want four of them. First paycheck worthy?

From Anthrologie

From Anthropologie

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

17 Mar

My mom is coming for a visit, and corned beef and cabbage is on the menu tonight! Have a great day!

The dance gets really good at 40 seconds I think, when the music starts! I secretly wish I could do this – my mom has all these trophies from irish dancing in New York!