Hoda and Kathie Lee gross me out

9 Feb

I am both repelled and drawn to this program.  Kathie Lee is out of control, and I can’t stop myself from getting sucked into their really weird dynamic, with Hoda trying desperately to keep her in check. No joke, the other morning they had a running scroll at the bottom of the screen saying, “Kathie Lee apologizes for her previous comments!” Crazy!

It’s just a total disaster and I can’t get enough.

This weekend SNL made fun of them, which was awesome, but not even as bad as the real thing!

I mean last week they talked about this. YUCK TODAY SHOW. It’s Kathie Lee, and it’s early.


One Response to “Hoda and Kathie Lee gross me out”

  1. KLG February 9, 2009 at 4:25 pm #

    I do NOT appreciate your commentary. KLG

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