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NYC for the weekend

27 Feb

Sorry for the disappearing act, but I just decided to come up to New York for the weekend. I’ll have a lot to report on Monday, as we are already eating our way through the city! We even had an Anthony Bourdain experiece in Flushing – food experience, not sighting. Don’t get too excited.  

Have a great weekend.


Oscars, Artie, and GMA

23 Feb

Last night was so much fun! I ended up seeing Confessions of a Shopaholic (I liked it – don’t judge me!) with my friend Amanda, and then she invited us over for lasagna and the Academy Awards! I mean who could pass up an invitation like that!

We were not impressed with a lot of the dresses, and I am so irritated to admit that Angelina and her green accessories may have looked the best to me. (Insert passionate Ugh noise) She annoys me – sorry. Check out Elle’s top ten though!

We got home before the big awards were given out at the end, so Artie got to catch some of the excitement! Here he is covering his eyes in anticipation as he waits for Best Film to be annouced!

Who is going to win?!

Who is going to win?!

BTW, Artie and I were thrilled to see Slumdog take the cake, but is there anything more annoying than the Good Morning America Team learning to dance to the winning song? Diane Sawer is up there with Kathie Lee in my book.

Off to an informational interview…

Six Hours and Counting

22 Feb

Normally, I really hate rainy days, especially rainy weekends. Rain is such a downer. But it’s the perfect weather for the Oscars! NO temptation to go out and all the focus can be on the red carpet! Only six hours until the fashion and gossip and drama! Love it!

I may sneak over to an early afternoon showing of Confessions of a Shopaholic though — I mean I have to lift my mood before tonight! What a sad yet lovely excuse for a day!?

And what to make as an Oscar dinner…? What are you/did you make?

To Them That’s Gone

20 Feb

My dad was contacted the other day by a former Regis High School student, where he graduated, about this new documentary, called To Them That’s Gone. It’s about a group of people that run across the country to honor their friend who died fighting in Iraq, 1st Lt. Michael J. Cleary. The film is still is post-production, but they are trying to get the word out. My dad and I both found it extremely moving and inspirational, so I wanted to share. There is other footage and information on the website.

To Them That’s Gone

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DC Art

19 Feb

My goal for the next few weeks is to be a bit more cultured! So, here are a few things I intend to check out. If you are also home most of the day, I hope this helps give you a plan!

I am really hoping to get a chance to visit the dcist Exposed exhibit next week. I love that the photos are taken by a mix of people – not all professionals – and that the work is for sale. I missed it last year, but I’m definitely planning on attending this time around!

Also, I saw these great Mary Belcher paintings at the Josephine Butler Parks Center a few weeks ago during the Crafts & Kisses fair. I love how she depicts DC street scenes, and as MJD pointed out, we can always look back and see what the neighborhood looked like when we lived here. They capture a little piece of history! I believe the paintings are sold at Eastern Market most weekends.

And I found a great list of events here, and am particularly interested in the Touchstone Gallery event that features 60 local artists. I like the local focus!

What other events are coming up that will feature local artists? If you know of any, please let me know!

Older Men

18 Feb

My sister announced today that she wants to meet an older man. Not older like the two months MJD has on me, but substantially older. Apparently, her target age is 36. That’s about a decade older then she is now.

Our conversation basically went like this:

lil’ sis: I want to date an older man.

me: What like 28? That would be good.

lil’ sis: Naw, like 36.

me: WHAT? WHY?

lil’ sis: I don’t know. Old guys are hot.

Then she told me I sounded out of it and should step away from the computer for a few. Maybe, you know, interact with another person for the first time today.

Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli

17 Feb

I’m trying to cook more during my time of unemployment – specifically to make more affordable meals. I usually fall into a routine of making the same few easy mid-week meals, and only try new recipes on the weekend. And those dinners seem to always be Sunday comfort food, like roast chicken, lasagna, pork chops, stew, or meatballs. But my new goal is to get comfortable with easy, cheap recipes that I can rely on once I’m back at work (knock on wood).

Last week, I tried three recipes from the February issue of Real Simple Magazine, and two out of the three were great. I made chicken with a roasted sweet potato and spinach salad (tasty and easy), a shrimp and bean dish (not that great for me, but I don’t really like beans or couscous)*, and this orecciette with roasted broccoli and walnuts.

I think the pasta dish was my favorite, although I also added chicken to that recipe. It’s such an obvious meal, but sometimes you just need a little kick in the pants to get it done! I shoveled most of it down, so only remembered to take pictures at the end! Oops. The photo on the Real Simple site is a lot better!

Pasta dish

Pasta Dish

Tonight, I’m using the rest of my shrimp and adding it to spaghetti and pesto, with chilled string beans on the side! Hope it’s better than the other shrimp dish.

*You are probably wondering why I chose that shrimp recipe if I don’t like beans or couscous. Good Question. Answer is DENIAL. I want to like beans and couscous, so occasionally I make them and hope my tastes have changed. But I think this time I figured out that I have to move on!

We need these dumplings in DC!

17 Feb

Check out this dumpling truck!

Dumpling Truck

Dumpling Truck

We spotted it while in NYC visiting friends, and stupidly did not try a dumpling! The whole vibe is hilarious — check out their website. And you can find out where they’ll be everyday by following them on twitter! Here are a few lines from their mission:

WE Believe

…That everyone has nice dumplings.

In double dipping.

…That everyone has an edamame that loves them.

I really think DC could use something like this. Let’s be honest – the lunch options downtown are not great, but this little truck could grace different neighborhoods with its presence and make lunch more interesting! Maybe that should be my new endeavor!

Valentine’s Day Delights

14 Feb

My dad sent me the perfect Valentine’s Day treats this year — NYC chocolates from Martine’s. I never thought riding the subway or battling the tourists at the Empire State Building could seen so delightful!

Chocolates from Martine's

Chocolates from Martine's

The metro card is edible!

It’s been a long week

13 Feb

Have a great weekend!

Long Week

That's how I feel

That's how I feel