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Last Inauguration Post

21 Jan

Yesterday was so awesome! MJD and I were at the parade, and Obama got out of his limo right in front of us. Why haven’t I bought a zoom for my camera yet!!!!??!! Alas, here are the pictures we got. And for better pictures (and pictures of celebs), check out Project Beltway, The 42 for the crowds, and IFA for Obama beer




Obama Limo

Obama Limo

President Obama

President Obama

President Obama

President Obama

Back to normal life now I guess!

The Irish

20 Jan

This one is for the Sullivan’s in the family! I saw it on CBS Sunday Morning and had to share – I think these guys are even walking in the parade! Hopefully I’ll see them today while I’m braving the cold and watching the parade with MJD and his colleagues! Enjoy this historic day DC!

Inauguration Sightings Continue!

19 Jan

I love Top Chef, I love Craft, and I love the work of DC Central Kitchen…so I love this story!!

Tom Colicchio giving back at a fundraiser, and saving lives! Why wasn’t I there!!!!?!!

I did see Rachel Maddow and chat with Mayor John Hickenlooper of Denver though! I told him that how much my dad also loves micro brews and that we loved Denver during the convention!

Loving Inauguration weekend!! Can’t wait for more celeb sightings!


photo by studio08denver

Kids and Dogs

19 Jan

I love this post from Restaurant Refugee! Nothing’s better than a little kid’s excitement!

Mollytics has a great post about a high school student raising money for a great program with Obama art.

Oh, and while Artie was checking all the tourists out, he made friends with an almost identical looking neighbor!

New Friends

New Friend

Blustery DC Day

19 Jan

It’s so cold and windy these days in DC, I thought it was perfect timing to take another picture of a street in my neighborhood.  In November, I snapped these pictures in a moment of Fall DC Love! And yesterday I took these.




Isn’t it crazy to see the same spot change during the year?! Maybe I’ll get a shot of this street covered in snow one day!

Inauguration Cocktails and Celebs

18 Jan

Last night, I got to see friends who are in town for the Inauguration. We celebrated with girls night – Bride Wars (yes we saw, we laughed, we enjoyed) and drinks at the Ritz in Georgetown. The goal was to catch sight of a few celebs in town for the Inauguration, mostly driven by the Bon Jovi sightings that we missed.

We saw John Cusack for sure, and may have seen Mary J Blige and Dave Chappelle.  I miss seeings celebs – I need to be better about keeping an eye out in this city.

And, of course, like every bar in town, the Ritz is Obama Crazy!

The ritz


Labradoodles for Obama

18 Jan

OK, I know Artie is a goldendoodle, but this is so cute.

Artie and Obama

On our walk to see the crowds around the White House this morning, at least 10 people stopped to say that after seeing Artie they thought the Obama’s should get a doodle! Campaign continues!

For great pictures of the city getting ready for today’s free show on the mall, check out The Gold Puppy.

When dogs play in DC

16 Jan

Artie loves going to doggie day care. In particular, he loves going to Dogma. This is how he looks when we pick him up – he was particularly dirty earlier this week when we took these pictures.

Obviously, the downside to Dogma (for Artie at least), is that you need a bath when you get home!

DC Dogs

DC Dogs

DC Dogs

Weddings and Etsy

16 Jan

MJD and I are in the process of ordering our wedding pictures, and while looking at them again last night, I was moved to share the lovely etsy hair pins that I wore that day.

I didn’t want to rock a lot of jewelry on my wedding day – it just felt like a time for simplicity. So, I wore simple crystal drops, no necklace, and an antique watch of my grandmother’s. But that was a little light on the bling for my taste, so Iwore a broach on the back of my dress and these pins in my hair. I was so happy with each piece, and the overall look. 

The hair pins were so delicate, beautiful, and affordable. Check out the etsy shop where I found them.


Here’s a picture of my hair. I don’t have the file for the professional photos, so this is the best I can share for now.


Here’s a picture of the broach also!



15 Jan

Wow, I hope Giant Artie is out to protect good over evil. Looks like he could even fly like Super Dog!

Super Dog!

Super Dog!


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