For all the moms in the house!

29 Jan

As I’ve mentioned before, MJD and I have a lot of friends having babies. One of my friends here in DC is almost six months pregnant, and one of our really good friends in NYC just (as in last Friday) had a baby girl! She’s so precious, and we can’t wait to meet her!! Having all these babies around also gives me a whole new shopping and decorating obsession to focus on. And today I just had to write about Creative Thursday, and a shop that’s new to me, Three Potato Four.

Creative Thursday

Creative Thursday


I mean what baby would not want to look up from their crib to see Marissa’s Blue Bear from Creative Thursday?! I really want to get this for my friend in DC, but that’s so presumptuous.


A few days ago, Marissa wrote about this website called Three Potato Four that collects and sells vintage items. The couple that runs the shop used to live in New York, and also write a blog, so now I really like them (read about the chinatown sweets….sounds delic)! 

I am particularly loving this photo of a toy elephant on a map, and might just need to buy it for myself! But I think MJD would freak out;-) Don’t worry m, I won’t buy it!


Isn’t it so fabulous!?  





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