It’s that time again…

22 Jan

Get ready for Restaurant Week!

A time for the poor and underfed to try expensive restaurants, and often get ripped off with a bad tasting menu. Wow! That was unexpected. I was trying to be positive!

I have to admit that I don’t usually enjoy restaurant week, because while it’s a great concept, many restaurants participate quite half-heartedly (is that a word?). But I am going to give it another try this winter. I mean there is not much else to look forward to in that dark, cold month of February. This year restaurant week is Feb. 16-22, and folks are researching, contemplating and making their reservations already!

I just looked into the list of participating restaurants and found a few that I’ve wanted to try, such as Founding Farmers, Rasika, and Farrah Olivia. There are also a few that I always enjoy, like Belga Cafe and Proof. I think I’m going to try Farrah Olivia though — my hope is that Alexandria restaurants will be more generous! Probably not a rational thought, but it helped me make a decision!

Have you made your reservation yet?!


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