Cookie Reflection

15 Jan

Ok, so I am really, really, really trying to spend less money. That means cooking more, making simpler dinners, eating mostly pasta, and maybe trying to bake instead of buying four dollar cupcakes all the time.



Today, I would like to share a baking update. I don’t really bake — it’s just too precise for me. I prefer cooking a meal. But for our dinner party last week, I decided to make butterscotch oatmeal cookies – using the recipe on the back of the butterscotch chip bag.



First of all, I went to the grocery store with another recipe that called for toffee almond bits, not butterscotch. But no such thing exists at Harris Teeter or Whole Foods. So, I moved on.



This recipe was really quite easy and tasty. My only problem with them was the amount of chips – the whole bag was WAY TOO MUCH. The dough would barely stick together, and the first batch barely cooked through. But after picking a bunch of the chips out (sorry, kind of gross in retrospect) the cookies looked, cooked, and tasted better!



So next time, less chips, more cinnamon!



I love cookies with oatmeal

I love cookies with oatmeal


That's a lot of extra chips



So tasty, and still enough chips!







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