Decorating is not always easy…

9 Jan

I am having a hard time saying goodbye to my old kitchen table. And I’m a little surprised by it! I’ve never had much love for the thing – in fact I’ve wanted a bigger table, and one made from darker wood, for awhile. But now that we have our new table (which is fabulous), I’m feeling a little sad about selling the old one.

I bought that table with my former roommate (and one of my best friends) at Ikea when we were living in New York City in 2002. When she moved to Europe I moved it into my own little apartment, and then I brought it with me to DC. It’s been through a lot of book clubs, wine spills, bad meals, good meals, job applications, wedding invitation designing, and is still in pretty perfect shape.

But it’s time to say goodbye to that table, and create memories with the new one! I mean there is nothing sad about being able to fit four people, and serving dishes, around a table!

I’m just feeling a little sentimental this morning!

Goodbye table

Old table on the left, new table on the right.


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