NYC on my mind

7 Jan

On Christmas Eve I was chatting with my cousins about this blog and they asked me if I could write about New York occasionally. Since most of my family lives in NY (hence most of my readers!), I don’t think I can ignore my cousins’ feedback;-)

So, here you go!

Last week, I met my friends for lunch at Hundred Acres Restaurant in Soho. Other than the obvious fact that I wish I lived closer to my friends and family, going to this restaurant was one of the few times during the week that I really missed living in New York.

Hundred Acres is located on a quintessential downtown New York street, cute and a little hidden, but only a few blocks from bustling Prince and Broadway. The walk from the subway is busy and filled with great boutiques and restaurants. And it’s the kind of area that you can wander for hours.

SIDENOTE: I miss wandering. Every neighborhood in DC is about 5 streets long, and then you are in empty, desolate, “urban” terrain, until you hit the next neighborhood. It’s just not fun to walk around this city.

Anyway, the restaurant itself is all rustic and cozy.


You walk in and feel like you can settle down for a long, luxurious meal without being too dressy or appropriate! And the food is delicious!

We started with amazing cheese fritters, and then I ordered a roast chicken salad…so good! JL and PM got the cheese burgers, and I couldn’t stop myself from helping them eat their fries (sorry, guys!).

I felt bad when the meal ended and I knew I wouldn’t see them for awhile, but then I met my mom and sister and we spent a great afternoon walking around Soho. And, thankfully, it was so busy and so tempting to spend too much money, that I missed DC!

It’s always sad to leave New York, but there is something so nice about being there for these short, yet wonderful afternoons – keeps the city just perfect in my memory!


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