Early Mornings Again.

5 Jan

It’s time to face the sad truth that vacation is over. I’m back in the office trying to get motivated. I feel torn – obviously I love vacation – but I also started to miss having a schedule! I’m trying to be optimistic about waking up early and maybe finally starting to work out (lame I know, but I’m so lazy).

To end our vacation on a high note, MJD and I invited our neighbors over for a little dinner party. We had a great time and loved hosting in our new place, with our new table! We made a roast chicken with stuffing, roasted root vegetables, and butterscotch oatmeal cookies. Other than my panic that the chicken was overcooked, and then that it was undercooked, the dinner was pretty fun, relaxing, and tasty!

New Year’s resolution: Host more dinner parties!

Welcome back to real life. UGH!


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