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Flowers do make a girl happy!

31 Jan

Yesterday was my last day at work. I had mixed emotions all day, but felt better after a food and wine filled dinner at Sette! I think Sette gets a bad rap personally, and thoroughly enjoyed eating way too much fresh mozzarella salad, bread, and cacio e peppe pasta. I’d avoid the tiramisu though.

Anyway, my last day of work was tough, but I had a good chuckle right as I walked out. Someone (the husband) sent me flowers with a note that said,

Screw (name of organization). Come home and play with me.



Artie’s our puppy! A little humor never hurts.

Ok, back to Saturday relaxing and reading (Twilight).

For all the moms in the house!

29 Jan

As I’ve mentioned before, MJD and I have a lot of friends having babies. One of my friends here in DC is almost six months pregnant, and one of our really good friends in NYC just (as in last Friday) had a baby girl! She’s so precious, and we can’t wait to meet her!! Having all these babies around also gives me a whole new shopping and decorating obsession to focus on. And today I just had to write about Creative Thursday, and a shop that’s new to me, Three Potato Four.

Creative Thursday

Creative Thursday


I mean what baby would not want to look up from their crib to see Marissa’s Blue Bear from Creative Thursday?! I really want to get this for my friend in DC, but that’s so presumptuous.


A few days ago, Marissa wrote about this website called Three Potato Four that collects and sells vintage items. The couple that runs the shop used to live in New York, and also write a blog, so now I really like them (read about the chinatown sweets….sounds delic)! 

I am particularly loving this photo of a toy elephant on a map, and might just need to buy it for myself! But I think MJD would freak out;-) Don’t worry m, I won’t buy it!


Isn’t it so fabulous!?  




Overwhelming Excitement

29 Jan

Artie gets so excited when he sees me or MJD on the street. He can’t help but fly down the street to say hi, and it’s so sweet. I’m thinking that Artie and I will take a lot of long walks with my new camera over the next few weeks. I’m going to try to figure out all the different things this new camera can do, and then I’m rewarding myself with a zoom lens!

Oh and say goodbye to Artie’s long hair – he’s getting groomed tomorrow!





Love of Sleeping

28 Jan

Last night I had way too much fun at Circa in Dupont Circle. Those drinks are so good! Raspberry martinis, and mojitos…they taste like candy, not alcohol. Problem is that I have a hard enough time getting out of bed when I have eight hours of sleep on a normal night — getting up after drinks, on a snowy day, is not going to happen.

(Obviously doesn’t matter this week, since Friday is my last day, but in general it’s a problem;-)

Anyway, this morning’s struggle reminded me a fabulous article I read in this month’s Real Simple magazine about the need for sleep. It was as if Julie Rottenberg was writing about me (and my sister) in the article. She defends the need for sleep, and I may love her for it!

Here is an excerpt.

Over the years, my sleeping habits never changed, but my awareness of a stigma deepened, and I’m ashamed to admit I started lying to cover it up…But I soon realized that by covering up my penchant for sleeping late, I was perpetuating the prejudice my people have had to endure for centuries. So these days when someone calls and wakes me up from a deep sleep, I don’t feign a wide-awake “Hello?” I’ve never understood that. Why should the person who has been awakened – victimized, really – assume responsibility?

If you don’t have the magazine, it’s a must buy — it’s the one out now with mac & cheese on the cover. The fact that you can’t find it online is another post altogether, and you can read more about it on Long Story Short!

I am having many an internal battle about what to do next week when I am home. Enjoy the time to sleep and relax, or power through and wake up at a normal hour. My fear is that I won’t get back on a schedule if I give myself a few days to sleep in – it’s just too tempting!

Either way, I’m sure I’ll be back at Circa trying the other martini flavors!

Decorating help

27 Jan

I have to admit that post-lay off I’ve been a little down. Not totally depressed or anything – I mean I really believe things will work out for the best – but still I’ve been struggling a bit to shake off that grim feeling of no longer being in control. So, how nice is it that MJD surprised me with a gift?!!

Love gifts!

Apparently, he bought me these Jacqleen Bleu (check out her blog) Etsy prints after I wrote about them in December, but he was saving them for some TBD time — like now! I really love them, the colors, and textures, but also because they are different from anything else we own. But now I’m at a loss as to how to display them.

Should I keep them all together or hang them in different rooms? I guess I could frame the two larger ones in two simple 8 x 11 frames and hang then together, but what about the three smaller pictures?

If you have any ideas, please let me know!!!!!! Here’s a picture from Etsy of one of the prints he got me – beautiful, right?

Image on Etsy

Image on Etsy

Here’s the whole group of prints.

Etsy prints

Etsy Prints

Etsy Prints


Inspired by Irish Eyes!

26 Jan

While catching up on reading this weekend (online reading that is!), I was moved nearly to tears by this book of photographs. Sara Christine at Miss Jane  writes about her friend Kate’s efforts to compile photographs in a book called, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, for her 91-year old grandmother.

These pictures remind me so much of my mom and her sisters, and my grandmother and her siblings, that I could not stop looking through it. My parent’s have this old picture in New York of my mom’s father (I never met him) sitting out on a lawn with my grandmother that I swear you could just drop into this book. I wish I had it in DC so I could share it. There is such a look about that time – I can’t really put into words. But there’s something about that old picture of my grandfather, and these pictures, that speaks volumes about people’s lives. I don’t know – I’m just rambling now!

So let’s move on to show and tell! The only picture I have in Washington of my grandmother is this one.


Maybe one of my projects during unemployment will be to create a book of old photographs from all of my grandparents, and MJD’s grandparents, so that we have one spot to hold a few memories. 


Those outfits are so precious! I know I have more pictures with my dad’s parents somewhere – I need to organize!

Bringing home the bacon

23 Jan
Hitting the bank after work

Going to the bank after work

Fast Cash

Fast Cash

Getting the bacon

How much does a treat cost?!



Cute overload

22 Jan

This is the cutest face! I think he should be featured on cute overload.


Working it!

It’s that time again…

22 Jan

Get ready for Restaurant Week!

A time for the poor and underfed to try expensive restaurants, and often get ripped off with a bad tasting menu. Wow! That was unexpected. I was trying to be positive!

I have to admit that I don’t usually enjoy restaurant week, because while it’s a great concept, many restaurants participate quite half-heartedly (is that a word?). But I am going to give it another try this winter. I mean there is not much else to look forward to in that dark, cold month of February. This year restaurant week is Feb. 16-22, and folks are researching, contemplating and making their reservations already!

I just looked into the list of participating restaurants and found a few that I’ve wanted to try, such as Founding Farmers, Rasika, and Farrah Olivia. There are also a few that I always enjoy, like Belga Cafe and Proof. I think I’m going to try Farrah Olivia though — my hope is that Alexandria restaurants will be more generous! Probably not a rational thought, but it helped me make a decision!

Have you made your reservation yet?!

Oprah and an ugly rug

21 Jan

Did you just hear Oprah? They filmed today’s show at Art & Soul. No joke – check out the hideous carpet when you watch on tivo tonight. You know you all record Oprah or wish you did! But why doesn’t Art & Soul hire an interior decorator?! The rug looks like someone threw up on it.

Btw, our new rug should arrive this weekend – hope it’s as nice as I remember it.

Also, check out the video Oprah just aired – free download until tomorrow.