Solutions for a Rainy Day

19 Dec

OK, so it might be a gross day in DC, but at least it’s a Brasserie Beck day. I am going with friends to enjoy the beer flights – a fun alternative to the wine flight or wine tasting that is more common.

I don’t know about you, but lately I feel as if everyone around me has become more and more interested in beer.  And yesterday I stumbled across this blog,, that I had to share!

“Beer gets a bad rap. It’s blamed for so much of society’s ills, when it should be celebrated as one of the finest beverages created.”

Check out the post on the 12 most common beer myths! My favorite is number six- a teaching I have heard many times from my dad, of course!

Myth #6: Beer should be served ice-cold for best flavor

This is an unfortunate myth perpetuated by the major commercial breweries – especially for their lite beers. The fact is, flavor typically diminishes when beer is served ice-cold. It may make for a thirst-quenching, refreshing beverage, but often bears little resemblance to traditional beer. Several beers are, in fact, best served much closer to room temperature or slightly cool and are considered undrinkable when icy cold – such as Guinness and many of the traditional English ales.

Loving this picture on flickr, especially since it’s called, “Beer O’Clock”!

Ben Harris-Roxas on Flickr

Ben Harris-Roxas on Flickr


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