Baby Cakes

18 Dec

It has taken me way too long to find the time to write about my birthday dinner at Art & Soul on Sunday. After a day of intense shopping, we did in fact make it and I’ve been itching to write about it ever since!

I have to admit immediately that we found the location and decor alarming. The restaurant is basically in a hotel lobby – and the decor blends between the two spaces. Not exactly the exciting and innovative design I was expecting. On top of that, the restaurant (and neighborhood) had about as much energy as a wet dish cloth. The dining room was practically empty, the hostess and server whispered, and the music sounded like it could be playing at my doctor’s office. Maybe it was the fact that we went on a Sunday night, or that we’re, you know, in a recession, but it was depressing.

But let me say that any disappointment passed as soon as we got our drinks! What Art & Soul lacks in decor and Sunday night business, it makes up for in food and drinks.

To start the evening, we ordered drinks, and were delighted when they were served in festive glasses, alongside delicious buttery, warm bread.

Fancy drinks

Fancy drinks

Carb Addict's Worst Nightmare!

Carb Addict's Worst Nightmare!


You can see the butter just covering those little bundles of goodness! For an appetizer I had the land and sea hoecake. Every bite was filled with taste. I’ve never had anything like it in this city. My mom had the “Put Up’s” salad that was both light and decadent – and my mom refused to allow the waiter to clear her plate until she ate every last piece! Very unusual!

My advice about the apps is to pay attention to the waiter’s description, because the menu doesn’t give you anywhere near a complete idea of what you will be served.

For dinner I had the lamb, which is served with poached pears, and it was wonderful. Somehow classic and still a unique taste. Just about the opposite of how the place feels when you enter!

And for a finale, our waiter (who overheard my mom comment on my birthday) brought out the Art & Soul baby cakes with a candle! So thoughtful! And the baby cakes just made me smile.

Baby Cakes

Baby Cakes

So, after my too-quick judgment, we ended up having a lovely meal and I will definitely go back. I’d love to go during the week for drinks and assorted appetizers, and hopefully see the bar and tables crowded – I think that would make the bad decor less obvious.

Oh, and here’s the greatest picture from the weekend — absolute proof that we enjoyed our dinner!

Too funny!

Too funny!


3 Responses to “Baby Cakes”

  1. molly j. December 18, 2008 at 9:18 pm #

    Your dad is precious.


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