Komi, Komi, Komi

8 Dec

OK, full disclosure. I have only been to Komi once. And it was my birthday. And MJD and I had recently gotten engaged and were planning our wedding. And our new little puppy was sleeping at home. So, all of that could have swayed the experience. Or maybe the menu was just perfect for me that night.

But since that dinner, I have loudly declared my love, love, love for Komi. So, I can’t begin to express my disappointment when I found out it’s going to be closed on my birthday for a private party! My parents are going to be in town, and I just thought it would be the perfect place for us to celebrate. And it’s expensive…so you need a reason to go, you know?!

Alas…my return to Komi will just have to wait. But before I can deal with that, I still need a reservation somewhere birthday worthy for Saturday night. I’ve taken my parents to Blue Duck Tavern, Central, and Brasserie Beck.

Any other suggestions? Someplace that is special, but not out of control expensive.


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