Bon Jovi

24 Nov

OK, here’s another edition of “figure out what to highlight about me” Monday.

I love a Bon Jovi concert (I heard this song at the last concert I went to in DC, and it’s so good!). My sister, and my oldest bestest friends are equally thrilled to go to concerts multiple nights in a row. The first Bon Jovi concert I went to was in 1992. I was in eighth grade, and my friend Ellen’s dad had to drive us out to Jersey and sit through the concert (which he loved;-). Since then we have gone to dozens more concerts, and it’s always so much fun. I even wore a Bon Jovi t-shirt the day of my wedding, as I got my hair and make-up done (shout out to my sister for getting me such a fabulous tee to replace my old tie-dyed one!). Don’t judge – this picture was taken pre-hair AND make-up!



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