Waffles Galore!

12 Nov

I love Belgian restaurants. I love how rich and comforting the food is, the staff is almost always nice, and the selection of beer and wine is always fantastic! This weekend, MJD and I took my sister to Belga Cafe for brunch. It was packed! I think the service is suffering a bit at brunch, with all the walk-ins, but the food was delicious as usual. We all basically got dessert – MJD got waffles with red berries, I had waffles with apples and cinnamon, and EP ordered nutella crepes. The food was perfect, and I love how even at brunch they pay so much attention to detail – the waffles were different shapes, and the crepes were these little adorable pinwheels, almost! As I said, the service was not great, but I’ve never had a bad experience at dinner. The staff is always happy to make recommendations, and let you try a beer before ordering it.  I basically love it there! Also, the feel of the restaurant is very welcoming, it’s a total neighborhood place, and other restaurants in DC should use it as a model (ie. it doesn’t look cheap or like a hotel lobby)!


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