Donut Scandal

11 Nov

This past weekend in DC was marked by bad service and lackluster donuts. On Friday night, EP (my sister) came to town and MJD and I took her back to our new apartment so she could see it (and love it!). No surprise, once we got home we could not decide on a restaurant, so by the time we headed out it was late! I figured we’d get a table at Sette easily – it was almost 9pm for goodness sake, and while Sette has some reliable options, it’s not new or different by any means. Well, it was packed! I take this as further proof that this city is in desperate need of more reliable neighborhood restaurants. Anyway, we were too hungry and moody to wait that long, so we walked down Connecticut by the usual disgusting options, and decided to try the Cantina,  the bar below the Darlington House. (We tried Darlington House on her last trip during their “soft opening”, and it was good, but expensive. I’ll have to go back now that it’s been open for a while in order to write a reliable review.)

When we got to the bar it was crowded, loud, and smelled kind of bad. Looking back we obviously should have left, but we were starving and kind of desperate, so when our waitress came over we immediately ordered drinks and dinner, and asked for a side of fries, ASAP. Apparently, our waitress was either new or trying to get a bad tip, since the sad looking $7 fries didn’t come out until our quesadillas and burger were ready (even after repeated requests). And then she didn’t even tell us what the dipping sauces were made of, so poor MJD who despises mustard tried one and had to suffer through the mustard covered fry, or spit it out right there.  Thankfully, he opted to gulp a lot of soda and get that fry down! Other than the smell, and the slow, unhelpful service, I thought at that point that maybe we had just been judgmental. The food was a little dry, but fine – maybe it was a place to come back to for drinks and appetizers, but not dinner. That would be ok.

But then we ordered the donuts.  A bag of warm, sugar-coated donuts for the table.  How could you mess that up?! HA! A brown lunch bag was delivered to the table with SIX almost invisible donuts! They were so small, and barely covered in sugar, and they didn’t even cover the bottom of the bag! And when we asked our waitress what the three dipping sauces were (having learned our lesson from the fries), she looked, pointed at them and said “this is one kind of chocolate, that’s another kind, and I guess the white one is cream,” and walked away!! And she was wrong! It was pathetic! So, I have to admit that I then asked a man that may be the manager if possibly the kitchen had forgotten to fill the bag with all our donuts. I swear I asked nicely. He basically scoffed, told us that desserts were sized for a person, not a table, and walked away in a huff.  But come on, at most places you get a dessert for the table, and it’s plenty – this was not even enough for one person! And what happened to the customer always being right?

Anyway, I would not recommend it for anything, and we will not be going back. When we got home we all ate cookies my sister had brought from NY and tried to decide what part of the evening was worse – smell, staff, food, portions, volume, etc…!

Oh, and they charge for soda refills.  WHAT!?


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