10 Nov

The superhero couch-fixer man made my new couch fit! I’m jumping a little ahead here since, I haven’t even shown you the progress we’ve made in our living room, but this is news that I had to share immediately. This man, let’s call him Awesome, picked up our couch from Greenfront last week.  On Friday morning, he brought it to our apartment and basically sawed (is that a verb?) the back of the couch off in our alley – SCARY! But then Awesome brought our couch into our living room (looking all beat up and sad), and rebuilt it! So, not only did it get through the door, but it looks perfect! Needless to say, I made Awesome feel very uncomfortable by taking so many pictures while he was rebuilding my couch, but it was all worth it.  We have a regular size, grown up couch! Here are some pictures of the adventure.  And let me know if you need Awesome’s help with your couch!


Couch without a back

Back of the couch draped over the front of the couch!

Back of the couch draped over the front of the couch!

Perfect Couch!

Perfect Couch!


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    […] chair for the living room. We went back to Greenfront for the chair and thankfully, unlike the couch, found one that fit! We didn’t know what we were looking for, I just knew I didn’t want […]

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