Please Stop…Stopping!

7 Nov

Why do people just stop when they get off the escalator? Or when they go through the metro fare machine (what the rock is that thing called)? I can’t stand it. And it happens all the time in DC. Hello?! Just because you are now in the metro, or off the escalator, does not mean that the hundreds of people behind you have disappeared into a freakin’ other universe. Come on, people!!!!!

And it’s not just tourists, it’s the people who live in this (ahem) “City.  I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve been standing on the escalator at the Dupont metro, nearing the top, when the person in front of me climbs the last few steps, walks off the escalator and just STOPS. To check their blackberry, put their metro card away, pick their nose…I could care less.  What about that person’s brain stopped working when they stepped off the escalator?! The 35 people that were following you up the escalator are still there!!!  And the escalator is still moving.  Where are we supposed to go!?!

UGH. That’s it for now.

One Response to “Please Stop…Stopping!”


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    […] big pet peeves are behavior on the escalator and walking down the street, but Capital Spice has a fabulous round up that you have to check out! […]

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