I am the “Joker”

3 Nov

I am the joker, not you. BLT Steak was disappointing. Like many DC haunts it looks like a hotel lobby. Where is the character!??! My wine, a malbec, was good but extremely expensive.

The meal started off well, with bread and liver pate. Not a huge fan of pate, but an interesting way to start a meal. Don’t fill up though, because once you order, the waiter brings out another basket of bread – this time warm, cheesy popovers.  Again, I thought, a unique choice for a steak house. The popovers were tasty, the top very cheesy, but can you really mess up a cheese popover?!

So, here’s where it gets mediocre. The steak! I ordered the NY strip – salute to NYC! – and it just didn’t have much taste. Where was the salty seasoning, or the garlic rub? Instead everyone gets to order a dip with their steak – that comes on the side. A dip? To me it felt like a french fry dipping bar. Make me a good steak and I can bring my own dip from the store. But that’s just my opinion. Others loved it.

The side dishes were better. Hashbrowns were salty, roasted tomatoes had a crunchy garlic topping, and grilled asparagus was marinated nicely. The onion rings were delicious…but I wouldn’t go back for $10 fried onions.

Oh well. DC did not step it up on saturday night.

But, company was nice. And at least I didn’t have to cook on Saturday or Sunday (leftovers!).


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