A Latte, Please

30 Oct

What is better then coffee and a muffin on a weekend morning? Not a starbucks scone, but a real coffee house mug of coffee with a tasty pastry. There is almost nothing that can get me out of bed faster on a Saturday morning then the promise of a trip to a cafe.

This may surprise you if you live in DC, since there are barely any cafes in this entire city. But there are two places, actually three now, that I will visit. So if you are also desperate for place to get a steaming hot latte and something other than bad eggs or a stale scone, you should try these out.  Maybe one will touch your inner latte.

1. Java House – Not the cutest place in the world by any means, but they do have tables inside and a large area to sit outside. Coffee is decent and they have pastries. I enjoy the chocolate chip pastry myself, but there’s a small variety to choose from if chocolate isn’t your thing.

2. L’Enfant – Cute little french cafe that does not seem like it could last in DC. But it’s always crowded and offers great little treats for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a brie sandwich (really, in DC?!), crepes that are sweet and savory, and fabulous lattes and cappuccinos. And I noticed on their website that they host happy hours!

3. Locolat – This little shop in Adams Morgan just came out of nowhere! It sells pastries, chocolates, waffles, and lunch. They claim to be working on a patio. And are generally just sweet and such a surprise! I’ve only tasted the coffee and muffins, and they were both delicious.

I should also mention that the farmers markets in DC tend to have stands that sell fresh bread and pastry, but that is enough to fill a whole different post. Also, I find farmers markets a little overwhelming before coffee, so will continue to search for nice cafes to enjoy first thing in the morning, before any other activities begin!

Let me know if there are other places I should seek out in the DC area!


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