From white to what?!

29 Oct

OK, so mjd and I are trying to paint. But after living in a white-walled rental for so long, how do you pick color? We’ve landed in that indecisive purgatory of spending tons of money we don’t have on little pints of paint.  We now have a wall covered in blobs of blue:

I think it’s the only way to decide though. I mean those little cards they give you with a bunch of different colors are clearly the sick, twisted idea of a gifted designer trying to torture inexperienced people like me. I mean, come on!! What am I supposed to be able to get from them?!

Anyway, after spending a billion dollars on these little jars that you can’t return, we have picked our colors. At least for the bedroom and the living room. I’ll post pictures soon!

But if you have any suggestions on an easier way to go about this, let me know.  We have three more rooms to talk about!


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