Ahhh, Whole Foods

29 Oct

I love Whole Foods. I don’t think I could make it in this city if it didn’t have a Whole Foods. I mean Harris Teeter is fine, but it reminds me of living in the suburbs. And I try each day to convince myself that DC is, in fact, a city.  It’s hard.

And Safeway…no comment. Actually, I do have a comment. I hate Safeway.  I hate the one on 17th in Dupont. I hate the one above Georgetown. I hate them all.  And don’t assume that I expect something out of the ordinary from a neighborhood supermarket. I am from New York.  I thought New Yorkers shopped at the most crowded, dirtiest supermarkets, with the narrowest aisles. But I was wrong. DC wins. Safeway is bad news.

Hence my love and adoration of Whole Foods. It’s the perfect city supermarket!

And whole foods sells my perfect cereal.


That I enjoy dry. (to my husband’s disgust)

Thank you Whole Foods people for trusting that DC could love you. And that we could do better than Safeway.


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