Soup, please?!

28 Oct

OK, so DC is not the coolest, most-happening city in the world. I get that. But since this is now my home, I’m trying to make the most of it. And I actually do think the city is trying too. There are some good restaurants. There are now vendors on the street, which makes it kind of, feel like people really live here. And I have found a good place to get a manicure/pedicure.

But every time I start to feel like this place isn’t as bad as I thought, it turns around and punches me in the face. Like today. It’s the first really cold day, the kind of day when you wake up and you’re really bordering on cold weather depression. But you get up, and you tell yourself that the cold means you can wear those fuzzy gloves you bought last winter, and make a cozy fire, and maybe best of all, eat that warm, heavy comfort food you secretly crave all summer long.

Personally, I love a warm, creamy soup. I’ll take that any day over a sandwich at lunch. But guess what?! DC does not have soup. The soup at disgusting Au Bon Pain does not count. Nor does the soup at lovely, fancy Brasserie Beck. All I am asking for is a little lunch spot that makes a variety of soups and breads for the poor, non-profit employee. I’ll even take a freakin’ Hale and Hearty soup chain.

But, no. DC doesn’t do soup.


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