Bad Couch, Good Couch

28 Oct

So, MJD and I just bought our first home. YEAH! It’s actually in pretty amazing shape, but we have a few projects in mind to make it seem more like ours. After renting for so long, we (I) feel it is imperative to paint every wall a color that is NOT white, beige, oatmeal, cream, ivory, etc…

Hopefully, we won’t end up with a circus condo, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Anyway, I will get to posting pictures of the work we do — which should be mildly entertaining since neither one of is exactly handy. But my new husband has been extremely impressive thus far, so maybe we do have a future in house-flipping! We’ll see how the power drill works for this Martha Stewart family.

 In the meantime, I will tell you that our first house mishap occurred when our couch did not fit through the door. Actually not just our old couch, but also the new couch we bought just for this new house. Defeat, frustration, anger. These are all feelings that you would expect to knock us down. But guess what?! My man knows how to turn a girl’s frown upside down. He found a guy who can disassemble our couch and then reassemble it in our new living room!!!

To quote a beloved political figure … “That’s hot!”


One Response to “Bad Couch, Good Couch”


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